A stripper's quest for enhanced lips and enlarged breasts led her to fabricate a sexual
assault claim. Barrister Peter Davis QC made the claim during closing submissions at the trial of Ces Colagrande for allegedly sexually assaulting the woman during a consultation at his clinic in May 2015. Dr Colagrande has pleaded not guilty to the charge. Mr Davis told the court the woman was dissatisfied about the outcome of a breast implant surgery Dr Colagrande performed on her in October 2014.


The court heard in Dr Colagrande's recollection of the consultation, the woman - an adult entertainment worker - had expressed a desire for 'blowjob lips and porn star tits' , Mr Davis said. After demanding another surgery or a refund during the consultation and being refused,  Mr Davis claimed the woman had fabricated the sexual assault claim against his client. ' Her story, we're suggesting to you, is very, very peculiar in several aspects. Mr Davis told the court "She was obsessed with obtaining the largest implants she could. She was disappointed with the size and wants a free operation or refund. She was rebuffed and then leaves the office as cool as a cucumber, then she makes a complaint."

"She wanted bigger, bigger, bigger, and for free of charge, so she made up this story," Ms Wilson said.

A STRIPPER lied about being sexually assaulted by her Mermaid Beach cosmetic surgeon because she wanted larger breasts for free, the doctor's lawyers have told a Gold Coast court.

Mr Davis told the court the alleged victim's allegations were "quite fanciful" and she had in fact told Colagrande she wanted "porn star tits and blow job lips". He said when the adult entertainer was told by Colagrande he would not operate on her again because she already had the largest breasts possible for her frame she made up a story about the assault. Mr Davis said she did so because she was unhappy with the results and wanted the surgery for free.

"Do you trust her?" Mr Davis asked the jury.  "Her whole story is inherently unbelievable. What it boils down to is do you trust her? Do you really trust her?

A GOLD Coast plastic surgeon accused of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old adult entertainer during a follow-up consultation has had the charges dropped.  It comes two days after Dr Ces Colagrande had his conviction for sexual assault quashed after the Court of Appeal determined there had been a miscarriage of justice in favour of Dr Colagrande.

"She wanted bigger, bigger, bigger, and for free of charge, so she made up this story"

The Department of Public Prosecution said they would no longer be going ahead with the charges. Defense lawyer Darren Mahony, of Jacob and Mahony Lawyers, said Dr Colagrande had always maintained his innocence. "Understandably, he was pleased to be discharged by the court today, after the Department of Public Prosecutions decided not to proceed,  he said.



The Queensland Court of Appeal today found there had been a miscarriage of justice against the well-known, high profile cosmetic surgeon.

Colagrande's lawyer, Darren Mahony from Jacobson Mahony Lawyers, argued a statement the woman had given to police about 18 months after the alleged incident, where she said she wished to withdraw the complaint.


The Health Ombudsman has been ordered to pay Dr Ces Colagrande’s costs of the proceedings within 28 days.


Deputy president Suzanne Sheridan gave the Ombudsman a spray in her judgment.  The office of the Queensland Health Ombudsman told the Bulletin it was unhappy but accepted the decision.


MALE doctors fearing false accusations of abuse are refusing to examine female patients without a chaperone. 


The Medical Board of Australia has warned doctors that complimenting patients on their body or clothing - or even shaking hands - could "breach sexual boundaries". 

The Sunday Mail is aware of several Brisbane specialists who will only take appointments for female patients when a receptionist is available to chaperone, due to the risk of extortion by patients making fake claims of abuse.

"There've been a couple of times when I've felt unsafe with a woman patient," one specialist said on condition of anonymity.  "It's tragic but it's just a fact of life."

The Medical Board is drawing up new rules for doctors to use nurses or receptionists as a "witness to the consultation".