Dr Ces Colagrande

Dr Ces Colagrande is an Australian trained doctor who was awarded his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery by the University of Queensland, Australia in 1998.

Dr Ces Colagrande spent a further five years overseas advancing his skills and experience. In 2001 he was involved in establishing Britain’s first anti-ageing clinic. Specifically trained in cosmetic surgery, Cambridge, United Kingdom, he went onto became in 2005 a Fellow of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. His overseas training in cosmetic surgery is accredited and recognised by the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery.

With 20 years experience as a doctor and vast international knowledge, Dr Colagrande currently focuses on anti-ageing well being preventive medicine, body sculpting and breast repair surgery. He is honoured to be asked by other doctors in his field to act as their mentors, guiding them through their personal journeys and selected career paths.

Dr Ces Colagrande, known to his patients as 'Dr Ces' is happily married to wife Rebecca. They have four beautiful children spaced one year apart. The eldest a girl, Angelica followed by three boys, Giuseppe, Leonardo and Valentino. As a family they enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle that the magnificent Gold Coast has to offer.


There is nothing wrong with growing old or looking older. There is also no harm in looking and functioning at your best throughout our life. It is a matter of preference in how we choose to live our lives by either enhancing our appearance through cosmetic procedures and adopting preventive anti-ageing functional medicine.

Having cosmetic surgery is surgery. All surgical operations are performed in a registered and accredited hospital with a specialist anaesthetist. We do not perform "twilight surgery".

When considering surgery it is important to consider all options before undertaking any procedure. Enhancing our appearance with cosmetic surgery may not be for everyone.

Preventive Anti-Ageing Medicine and Cosmetic surgery has come a long way through the years. Medical technology has advanced to accommodate with our requirements and needs. Times have changed, we are evolving and moving forward with modern, fresh thoughts and ideas including, minimally invasive regenerative  procedure e.g fat dissolving injections, thread lifting face lifts and taking softer approaches to anti-ageing preventive medicine. It is an exciting stage in the industry as we are striving to move forward in preventative medicine, health and well-being and also taking pride in our appearance.


Aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery is truly an art form and the gift in is in mind’s eye, the surgical ability to create that vision. The objective is to enhance and improve existing facial and body contours. Aesthetic surgery by definition must conserve beauty, a vision to produce a masterpiece. Dr Georgio Fischer (Rome), would refer to his surgery as “a living sculpture that does not draw attention to itself but draws attention to the person as a work of art”. Studying and watching great masters at work has given me great depth in my own personal growth in aesthetic surgery.

Appreciation for aesthetics, balance and harmony are important guides in obtaining beautiful, natural results.


Many patients may consider coming to see me after pondering on the thought over a long period of time. I am always humbled when a patient travels from interstate for a consultation or reveals they have been researching me for some time and now taken the first step to finally meet me and move forward.

Searching for a doctor who takes the time to understands how you would like to look and feel, someone you can trust and communicate with are important steps and possibly the hardest steps in your journey. I am privileged that most patients that come and see me are from word of mouth.

You must be well informed about the details of the procedure, feel relaxed and have no second thoughts that surgery is for you. It is my duty as a doctor to explain the risks as well as the benefits and allay any fears. If you are uncertain about a procedure or have unanswered questions, request another consultation. I am more than happy to discuss and assist your understanding and expectations of how a procedure may or may not improve your appearance and wellbeing.

I look forward to meeting and helping you achieve optimum health, well-being and the desired aesthetic look.

Dr Ces Colagrande